Olena Kosmerchuk

  • Name : Olena Kosmerchuk
  • Activity : Model
  • Birth Year : 1990
  • Height Cm : 173
  • Weight Kg : 55
  • Bust Cm : 87
  • Waist Cm : 62
  • Hips Cm : 89
  • Eye : Gray
  • Hair : Blond
  • Country : Ukraine
  • Language s : Ukrainian, Russian, English


I was born in wondrous beautiful and hospitable city Odesa. I am a kind, open and active man. I am always interested in what нибудь new. Finished much developing training and courses. Lawyer by education, after completion university understood that I want to develop in other direction namely in journalism and on television, I get corresponding education and now with pleasure I cognize and develop in this direction. In 18 finished school of models, and until now I work photo and топ. I go in for sports, I read much, love speed and trips. Taking into account a situation in Ukraine I try to give to the people positive emotions, good and love.