Tomas Butautas

  • Name : Tomas Butautas
  • Activity : Model
  • Birth Year : 1990
  • Height Cm : 193
  • Weight Kg : 81
  • Bust Cm : 99
  • Waist Cm : 81
  • Hips Cm : 97
  • Eye : Blue
  • Hair : Brown
  • Country : Lithuania
  • Language s : Lithuanian, English, Russian


I'm working for 3 years as a model and amateur actor In Lithuania. I just can say - love it ! I feel passion for modeling. Therefore, every project I try to devote every effort to not only posing. I am trying to understand the details of the client's wishes and commands views. And then the result becomes great! Now i want to try get some new experiences. I want and I know that i can work in a foreign countries also.
I am a freelance person with individual performance certificate.

I'm good at sports like decathlon, volleyball, basketball. Also I like to dance.
Without modeling I'm working as freelance events assistant and promo advertising artist.