Valeriya Vergunova

  • Name : Valeriya Vergunova
  • Activity : Model
  • Birth Year : 1985
  • Height Cm : 173
  • Weight Kg : 50
  • Bust Cm : 88
  • Waist Cm : 63
  • Hips Cm : 90
  • Eye : Blue
  • Hair : Brown
  • Country : Netherlands
  • Language s : Russian, English, Italian, Dutch

My name is Valeriya Vergunova. I am full time model and actress, face of VICHY tutorials. I would like to work with you.  
I attach some of my pictures, more of them you can see at
International FOX Channel, pilot of Tinder Diaries, 4 month of advert since January 2016 till April 2106
SBS 6, show "Wat schet je" 2012, April
24 Kitchen voor SBS 2014 December
TV Commercials:
Vichy video tutorials voor 1 jaar Benilux (, Amsterdam, Fabruari, 2016
Commercial voor Kortman Advocaten, Amsterdam April, 2015
Body Lab for Jennifer Lopez, 2015
IKEA internal commercial, Delft, October 2015
Koffiefilters Shoot for Douwe Egberts, Amsterdam, March 2015 
KWF commercial, February, 2015
AXE effect 2014, December, Rotterdam
Matas commercial, April 2013, Utrecht
Cafe Day, commercial, April 2013, Amsterdam
DRU meubel catalogue en APS, april 2013 (published for 2 years)
Pulitzer Wedding commercial video clip, 2012
USG People, video promo clip, 2012
Good Morning film, 2012
Jupilier beer, 2012
Green screen video clips, 2011
Amsio commersial video, 2013
De opnames van ARAG,  2013


Look book and video shoot for Sasha Tovstik (dresses) and Kaora Sandara (juwellery), Bali, Indonesia, March 2016
New collection for Alberto Wedding dresses,, Zeist, February 2016
TBA Bridal Academy shoots 3 times, Den Haag, Februari 2016
Shoot for Douwe Egberts, broshure, print publishment, Rotterdam, Januari 2016
Look book voor MLY - Emily Hermans, Broekhuizenvorst, Januari 2016
Techvisie calendar shoot, Raalte, December 2015 
Kendo shoot (floors) voor Hornbach, Leen Bakker, November 2015  
Shoot for old cars campagn, Heerenveen, October 2015
Shoot fo Briadal Academy, Den Haag, 2015 
Shoot voor, face of few medical centers, Amsterdam 2015
Bloomdale Eyewear new collection, Vught, April, 2015
Susan Fashion, sport  clothes for Dirk van den Broek, Kruidvat,  Naardern, March 2015
Shoot voor MAKRO, supermarkets, coctail shaker, March 2015, Arnhem
Face of new  lingerie collection (2014/2015),  designer Fabienne Hansoul, Antwerpen, March 2015
Koffiefilters Shoot for Douwe Egberts, February, 2015, Amsterdam
Flower Kerst shoot voor Klimprodukties (broushure), October, 2014
Shoot voor (community voor artsen), December 2014
Cafe DAY, Amsterdam 2014
AMSIO brochure, April 2013
DRU furniture catalogue, May 2014 (published for 2 years)
Koopgood shoot voor Rotterdam shopping area, May 2013, Rotterdam
Boland feest costumes (catalogus 2014/2015)x20 times, Rotterdam 2013
Boland Cover shoot (catalogue), Rotterdam, 2014
Prix D'Ami, broshure, Amsterdam 2013
Casanova Herenmode, Utrecht, 2012
Eco cars, Ahoy Rotterdam exhibition 2012
Tendenza store, new collection 2013/2014, Den Bos
Philips commercial, brochure, Amsterdam 2012
Commercial shoot,, London, UK 2012
Publication in Utrecht Art Hotel, Sas Terpstra, 2011
Shoot for book (photographer Elena Platonova), 2012
TV clips:
ND - Heard You Got A Man
David Savage "My Lady" Amsterdam, 2012
Hawta Official "Lika a Boss" Amsterdam, 2012
Hawta Offiicial "Lick my Lips" Amsterdam, 2012
Ikan 'I love to look into your eyes" Amsterdam 2013
Music video voor ND, Kasteel Engelenburg, December 2015 
All My Love, Igor Andreevski, Amsterdam, 2012
Cannonball run, autumn, Ireland 2012
Russian Standart team, few nightlife events in The Netherlands, 2012
Beautiful Day Magazine, 2012
Coaching beginning models for CJ Model Agency, 2012
Coaching models for catwalk (for Esthetic modelmanagement), 2013
Workshop with Arend Spaans, May, 2013
Workshop with Sander Baks, May, 2013
LingeriePRO tradefair, doorpas model voor Fabienne Hansoul, Antwerpen, 2015
Muaythai Royal World Cup, presenting, tv hosting for 106 coutries (live streaming) for IFMA, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2015
ART EXPO Amsterdam, hosting, Amsterdam, 2105 
Popoz movie, premiere, Theater Amsterdam, October 2015 
Stainless Steel EXPO, Maastricht November 2015 
RAI IBC, Amsterdam voor Green Valley, September 2015 
Harbour club cafe opening party, December, Amsterdam 2015
Harbour club cafe hosting price party, December, Amsterdam  2015
De Glazen ruimte, hosting December, Maarsen, 2015 hosting wan opening, December, Amsterdam 2015  
BBQ babes voor  Telegraaf Media Groep, December, Amsterdam 2015
Hosting voor ISA in HMH, Januari, Amsterdam, 2016
Promo werk voor Villa ArenA, Januari, Amsterdam, 2016
Tulpen meisje, Schagen, Januari 2016
Broadway girl, Tuinbouw, Gorinchem, Februari 2016
Valentine girl, Zoetermeer, Februari 2016
RAI FESPA, Amsterdam for MS Printing Solutions (Italy), Maart 2016
RAI ECCO, Amsterdam, Maart 2016
"It's like zo onwijs freaking fabuloos" Den Haag for Margreet van der Wal, 2011
Amsterdam Fashion Week winter 2012 for Charlie Le Mindu , Amsterdam
Miss Swimsuit USA, 2014  Mexico, Cancun 2014
Mrs Beauty Millennium International 1st crown,winner, April 2013, Domenican Republic
Mrs Multiverse Russia 2012 April, top 10,  Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
Mrs Europe 2012, Minsk, Belarus (Title Mrs Europe 2012, second crown)